Usage Guide

After installing the Edge/Chrome extension you will see new features in Google Bard.

  • To control Bard with your voice or to talk to Bard, simply click on the icon located near the Bard input field or press the
    key outside the input field and start speaking.
  • For longer voice inputs with multiple sentences, press and hold the
    key until you finish speaking.
  • To listen to a specific message of Bard or hear a message again, click on the icon located on the right side of the message.
  • Access the settings by clicking on the icon located near the Bard input field. From there, you can change the voice control and input language for Bard, adjust the speaking speed of Bard, and set custom voice commands and keyboard shortcuts to make your experience more personalized.
    Can't find your desired language or text-to-speech voice in the settings? Learn how to install more voices and languages.
Voice Control for BardListen ButtonFor listening to a specific message.SettingsChange language, voice & more...Voice Input / ControlTurn on and start talking to Bard.